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The adventures of a Hawaii based private investigator.

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original title: Magnum, P.I.

genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller

imdb: 7.5

duration: 48min

keywords: voiceovernarration, vietnamwarveteran, moustachedman, estate, hawaii, privateinvestigator, helicopter, ferrari, redsportscar, mustache, acronyminseriestitle, characternameinseriestitle, 1980s, acronym








































Thomas Magnum, a former Naval Intelligence officer, is a private investigator. He live in Hawaii, on the estate of multi-millionaire author Robin Masters. Masters is never around, so the estate is run by Higgins, a stuffy Englishman, and former Army Sergeant Major. Higgins has a dim view of Magnum, a view he projects through ensuring that the guard dobermans, Zeus and Apollo, make life difficult for Magnum. Meanwhile Magnum is out solving cases in Masters' Ferrari, cases often involving murder and intrigue. In these endeavors he is aided by his closest friends, TC, a chopper pilot, and Rick. Thomas Sullivan Magnum, IV is an ex-Navy "NIA" (ONI) Lieutenant, and Vietnam Special Ops veteran who resigned his commission at age 33 because he never got to be 23. On the beautiful Hawaiian islands, Magnum is a P.I. who enjoys life, his buddies and friends and who works just hard enough to keep it real. The show magnum, pi, was successful because it could attract audiences and audiences. i mean, girls would go to see the ever-so-charming magnum, while guys would just like to see the Ferrari go down the road at high speeds, without the police chasing him.

so you have a private investigator living in Hawaii. he's about the most handsome, charming guy on that island. but as always, there's a damsel in distress, either because she's looking for a murderer or her lost brother. so magnum has a lot to find out before the show's over.

I think the show was cool. and of course, i want that Ferrari. i like that Ferrari. but i also liked the gun stand-offs. that's basically what might want you to turn the show off. but otherwise, the show is cool.

This has 8 / 10 under it's belt Who could forget Magnum, P.I.? Not only did this show have one of the best theme songs, it had plenty of action-drama and fast cars. The ladies loved Tom Selleck and the producers knew it. That's why they were throwin' him into that Navy uniform now and then. Thomas Magnum lived on the Masters Estate in beautiful Hawaii, and was always fighting off the sarcastic wit of caretaker Higgins. He also had back up time to time from friends TC and Rick. Magnum would solve the case, then Rick and TC would help him kick the crap out of the criminals. Sometimes Selleck would get a little whiney, and those shorts were a little too short. Other than that, it was a great show. In the second season episode, "Memories Are Forever", Magnum is called to Washington, D.C. for testimony and is reinstated in the Navy as a full Commander - two grades up from a Lieutenant. It's possible or at least he may be Robin Masters ghost writer who is actually responsible for his output of trashy best-selling novels. Robin Masters is certainly a real person and we glimpse him from time to time on the show but he may be Higgins' writing partner or just someone he's hired to be the public face of the celebrated author in order to maintain his privacy. It would certainly cast his relationship with Magnum in a new light as this means he's really Higgins' guest, possibly in order to provide some excitement in Higgins' life or give him some inspiration for his writing. It seems almost certain. The cast experience a curse on a Kahuna statue in 'Ki'is don't lie'. We see several ghosts during the course of the show notably in 'The Woman on the Beach' whilst Magnum hovers between the real world and the afterlife during 'Limbo'. Magnum seems somewhat psychic, his dreams and 'little voice' often providing him with amazing insight and information which he could otherwise not know, even of events from before his birth such as 'Forever in time' and 'Flashback'. It also seems to extend to the other characters, in 'Home from the sea' when Magnum is adrift in the ocean his friends seem to simply sense he is in trouble and come to his rescue. At least 4, Higgins father was a notorious womaniser who seemed to leave women pregnant throughout the British Empire during a lifetime of military service. During the course of the series we meet Texan cowboy Elmo Ziller, Irish priest 'Father' Paddy and South American aristocrat Don Luis. All are nearly identical in appearance as they are all played by John Hillerman (Elmo Ziller allowing him to use his genuine Texan accent for once) Father Paddy also refers to Soong Lu, another half-brother (or possibly half-sister?) of Oriental heritage.Magnum is reunited with his daughter whom he presumed was dead. In the last scene of the series we see him back in naval officers uniform implying that he returned to the US Navy in order to better provide for her. Rick marries his long term girlfriend although he seems to hesitate at the last moment and we never do learn if he says 'I do' or not. Higgins confesses to Magnum that he really is Robin Masters but later tells him that he is actually lying. TC moves in with his troubled teenage son and vows to be more responsible in order to provide him with a better role model. In the final shot of the show we see Magnum in his naval commander's uniform turn to face the camera, smile, say 'Goodbye' and turn off the screen using a remote control


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Dogs, Horses And Indians Full Movie Download Mp4 >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

The president of the Reservation Tribal Council is run off the road, shot and killed. Inquiries reveal that the president recently pushed though a council amendment to the blood percentage ...

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original title: Dogs, Horses and Indians

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Western

duration: 44min

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The president of the Reservation Tribal Council is run off the road, shot and killed. Inquiries reveal that the president recently pushed though a council amendment to the blood percentage rule, thereby excluding a significant number of tribe members from their entitlements.


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Sep. 18, 2018

Tamil Movie Dubbed In Hindi Free Download Vikings ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

The world of the Vikings is brought to life through the journey of Ragnar Lothbrok, the first Viking to emerge from Norse legend and onto the pages of history - a man on the edge of myth.

Download Formats: M4V, AVI, MTS, MKV, M2TS, 3GP, ASF

original title: Vikings

genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,History,Romance,War

imdb: 9.5

duration: 44min

tags: The Storm Is Coming

keywords: viking, brotherbrotherrelationship, king, hero, nudity, swordandshield, sexscene, legend, warrior, barechestedmale, familyrelationships, battle, norsegod, mythologicalcharacter, valhalla, raid, saxon,

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The story of how Ragnar Lothbrok, a Norse farmer with a thirst for exploration, who becomes the king of the northmen. Lothbrok, clouded by ambition and an urge to attain supremacy leads his men and his family to glory in the historic lands of Britain and France. The story of Ragnar Lothbrok who, in the 9th century, rises from simple farmer to King of the Vikings. Along the way he deals with internal crises, family issues and foreign foes, and discovers a few new lands. Seasons 1-2 absolute belters. Thoroughly enjoyed the first two seasons. By season three I can only assume the show is being financed by Saudi Arabian money men. The vikings all of a sudden turn from ruthless cold calculating super warriors to civil rights activists when they happen upon a mosque. And this from Flokki the viking who is most in-tune with the viking gods...really? Or at least I would like to think so...Anyway, I cannot believe the production of Vikings. The sets, the costumes, the fort, castles. Amazing. I love these folks that critique because it is not authentic or historically correct. It's a TV series and its good! The acting and story line are compelling. I was hooked after the first season. It was a binge watch thing. On season 4 now, some characters are gone. New ones arrive. Largetha looks the same after like 30 years, but that works for me. Kudos to a great alternative network for putting on a production masterpiece. Watch a couple of episodes. Decide for yourself. The Breaking Bad of the 10th century. This is common in English-speaking produced movies and TV shows. Generally the characters speak English when they are talking among themselves. But it's implied they are still speaking their native tongue. The Vikings are generally speaking Icelandic since it is the language closest to Old Norse, the language of the Vikings. They also use some words from Swedish and Danish, though we *hear* it as English. When speaking with foreign characters, such as characters from England, they speak in Icelandic and we see subtitles. This is to show the English characters can't understand them.

Where it gets confusing to some viewers is that the English characters are often speaking Old English when among the Vikings, which can sound very similar to Swedish to an untrained ear. The acting takes place around a lake in Wicklow, Ireland, but some additional photography was taken in Western Norway. Aslaug shows up with her huge dog in the Episode "All Change" S01E09.


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